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Portfolio of Sam Markiewicz - Web and graphic designer, front-end developer

Hello !

My name is Sam Markiewicz.
Basically, I'm just a male human being,
but I can wear different suits.

So, please, scroll,
it's a bit cold out there.

I'm a front-end developer.

I'm fluent with html, css and continue to learn jQuery.

I also know how to translate these languages in Slim, Sass, Compass & Coffee.
While coding, my weird best friend is an Octocat.

I also contribute and share on Codepen

I'm also a web & graphic designer.

And aside websites, icons and logos, I like to play with lettering and illustration.

In case you wonder, I use these beautiful weapons called Photoshop and Illustrator, as a ninja uses a shuriken.

I'm a good guy !

...According to my girlfriend.

I work as a freelance, and it will be a great honor to work with you.

More of my works can be found on Behance, or just by dropping me an email

And for those who wants to know more about me, you can check my LinkedIn resume.

Hope to see you soon !

Welcome in this portfolio crafted with code, pixels and ❤ !
I hope you'll like it.

A few tips before you begin :

1 - To have the best possible experience, put yourself on a good old desktop computer

2 - You can scroll, but using the colored dots at right, will enhance the experience.

3 - Remember the old fashionned point-and-click games ? This one is in the same spirit, so, explore, point, and... well, click !

4 - Up Up Down Down...


Mistake or not,
you're on Sam Markiewicz's portfolio.

I'm a webdesigner and front-end developer, but unfortunately, that site is not responsive at all.

Not because I'm lazy, just because it's better to see it on a desktop.

I hope that you'll understand.

If no desktop is available around you, you can check these links :